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October 26, 2013.
Fun Walk/Run  on Make A Difference Day in College Park, MD (commencing at the 94th Aero Squadron)
 We are looking for small and large walk teams. Registration forms can be found at





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Community Events

What is The Beltsville News?

The Beltsville News is unique as it totally saturates the Beltsville area and focuses on the Beltsville community through 14,000 copies. It is not part of a chain and today that is unusual. It is even more unusual in that we are all volunteers serving the Beltsville community with love, but without pay.

Our purpose is to serve and support the Beltsville community. As an unincorporated area, it is important to maintain an identity. Part of this identity is in knowing what the people of Beltsville are doing. Another part is keeping in touch with zoning and road developments. We feature school news, local business and agriculture stories, organizational news and whatever news is important to the residents of the Beltsville area. We are local in focus and this parochialism is intended. Broad societal concerns are readily available elsewhere.


To get our news we use volunteer writers and photographers. We rely on volunteers within organizations to tell us about the schools, the youth groups, the veterans and young at heart groups and the activities at our library and community center. We also rely on the residents to tell us about the important events in their life.

With volunteers we have produced a paper that received 3rd place nationally for General Excellence, Monthly Division, from the National Newspaper Association.

Volunteers Wanted  


News: Ted Ladd  tedladd02@aol.com
P.O. Box 1607 Beltsville, MD 20704-1607.
(301) 937-6796

Advertising: Ted Ladd  tedladd02@aol.com
P.O. Box 1607 Beltsville, MD 20704-1607.
(301) 937-6796

Classified: Mildred Helton
4711 Prince George's Ave Beltsville, MD 20705
(301) 937-3393



General Information: Phil Whitman (301) 210-7443

Subscriptions: Send $12.50 to Carolyn Scarcia
11007 Emack Rd.
Beltsville, MD 20705